Social Activities: Now That Your Dad’s Vaccinated, Can He Get Back to His Old Social Activities?

Social Activities Your dad’s had one or both of his COVID-19 vaccination.

Now that he has, he insists he can go back to his old routine and get involved in more social activities. He can see his friends as often as he wants. He can go out to eat with them and attend large gatherings.


Caregiver in Northbrook IL: Social Activities

Caregiver in Northbrook IL: Social Activities


You’re not sure you’re ready for him to jump back into social activities? You worry that he’s not thinking about the risks that are still out there. Have you asked his doctor for guidance? It’s a good place to start. As your dad returns to his favorite activities, what things should he do to maintain his health?


Be Cautious Around Others

Your dad will know who has been vaccinated when it comes to his friends and family members. However, he won’t know who has been in a room full of strangers. For example, if he decides to go to the movies, he needs to remember that the person who sits next to him may not have been vaccinated.

Because it’s hard to know, he needs to consider his activities carefully. He wants to go to a movie with his friends. They should aim for a time when the theater is less likely to be packed. He wants to go out to eat. Choose a restaurant that has outside seating where tables are well-spaced.


Keep Washing Hands

When your dad is out, he needs to keep washing his hands with soap. He needs to scrub his soapy hands for the full 20 seconds before rinsing them off. If he can’t get to a sink, he needs to use hand sanitizer.

After touching a doorknob or keypad at a register, he should wash or sanitize his hands after shaking hands with someone else. He also needs to wash his hands after using elevator buttons, stair rails, and anything else other people touch.


Is He Lonely?

The past year has been isolating for many people. If your dad is pushing to get out of his house, he may simply be looking for companionship. Have you considered how elder care services help meet his needs?

How well does your dad do on his own? Does he often forget to take his medications? Does he long to see friends but has been told to stop driving due to his worsening vision or health? Elder care provides a way to make sure he can stay social and has all of the help he needs.

Your dad can have caregivers available each week to take him to social activities, like shopping, keep him company, and take him to friends’ houses. In addition, he has caregivers to remind him to take his prescription medicines, clean his house, and cook meals and snacks. Talk to an elder care agency about home care services.


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