The Importance of Home Health Care With Long COVID

Home Health Care in Deerfield

Home Health Care in Deerfield

While most people are over COVID in a couple of weeks, some experience various symptoms for months, or the symptoms return months later. This is known as long COVID. The long-term effects can be worse in older adults or overweight people.

Your dad’s doctor says his fatigue, skip-a-beats, and fever are long COVID. His doctor also suggested a nurse stop by to help. What can a home health care nurse do that helps your dad deal with COVID’s return?

Nurses Are Available to Record His Vital Signs

Firstly, a nurse can stop by and record your dad’s pulse, blood pressure, and oxygen saturation levels. His doctor wants daily reports, and you’re not sure you can do it correctly. Obviously, a nurse can.

Your dad’s home health care nurse can take the different measurements and readings. They will then report to his doctor. If there are any changes to medications, IV fluids, or similar measures to help him through the virus’s return, then they will help with the change.

He Can Stay Home for Medication Management and Administration Services

If he has heart palpitations after long COVID, his doctor may want him on medications to see if it helps. Nurses can administer the medications in his home, and also discuss with his doctor how much it is helping. If the medication isn’t being tolerated well, his nurse and doctor will change it to find the right one.

He Doesn’t Have to Go to the Doctor for Blood Tests

One of the things that happened with COVID is that your dad’s kidneys were damaged. He needs to have his blood tested regularly to ensure that toxins aren’t building up. If they do, he may need dialysis. Home health care nurses can draw blood samples for these tests.

Physical Therapy May Be Recommended

Likewise, don’t be surprised if your dad’s doctor recommends physical therapy, because long COVID changed his stamina. However, he can have his therapist come to his home to work on exercises that help him build strength and stamina.

Diabetes Instruction Can Happen at Home

Another concern involves diabetes type 2. Some COVID patients experience high blood sugar levels after having COVID. If your dad’s sugar levels are continually high, he needs diabetes education.

Obviously, he needs to learn how to choose the right foods for meals and snacks, and how to test his blood sugar levels. If they are high or low, he needs to know how to respond to them to return to appropriate levels. Home health care nurses can assist with diabetes instruction.

Your dad has long-COVID, and it can be concerning, but nurses help him through the worst of it. He won’t have to spend a lot of time in the hospital. Talk to his doctor about what he needs for care, and ask about home health care services.

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