The Top Senior Care Services You Don’t Realize Are Offered

Senior Care Services: When your family talks about senior care services, what comes up?

Do you think of caregivers coming by to do the housework and laundry? Do you imagine having someone to cook meals for your parents or help them shower? Here are the top senior care services that many families do not realize are available at most agencies.


Senior Care in Northbrook IL: Senior Care Services

Senior Care in Northbrook IL: Senior Care Services


Assistance With Pet Care

Your dad wants a dog for companionship, but you aren’t fully supportive of his idea. You worry that he’ll forget to feed his dog or change its water. He’ll struggle to walk his dog enough each day.

You can look into senior care services where a caregiver offers gentle reminders to ensure your dad properly cares for his dog. The caregiver can join him on walks, remind him when it’s time to feed the dog, make sure it has clean water, and schedule veterinary appointments when needed.

Companionship Services

It could be your parents don’t need help with cleaning or cooking. They just don’t socialize enough, and that’s impacting their mental health. Companionship services cover regular visits from caregivers for the sole purpose of socializing.

Your parents have caregivers stopping by to join them for a meal. If they need someone to add to their poker game, a caregiver is happy to join in. They also have caregivers available for hobbies and crafts, daily walks, and gardening.


Household Organization

Your mom’s clothes and shoes often become a cluttered mess. She struggles to hang items in the closet, so she leaves them in baskets on her floor. Your dad has a hard time keeping the refrigerator organized and ends up forgetting about something he’s bought. It gets pushed to the back and spoils, wasting his money.

A caregiver can help with organization. Plus, you have a caregiver on hand to keep up with inventories to ensure you’re not purchasing too much.


Another helpful service is scheduling. If your parents have a hard time keeping track of when their next check-up or dental appointment needs to take place, a caregiver can help. The caregiver can schedule appointments, make sure they’re aware of it in the days leading up to that day, and get them to the medical office on time.

Before you call a senior care agency, sit down and create a list of questions. Your entire family needs to give input into the things they want to know more about or need clarified. Ask the specialist these questions during your call, and be sure to ask for clarification if you don’t understand something on what senior care services they may offer.


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