Tips to Help Family Caregivers Who Are Caring for a Parent With Alzheimer’s

Face it, you’re finding the stay-at-home orders and pandemic rules to be challenging the longer this goes on. When you care for a parent with Alzheimer’s disease, you need to be extra vigilant. Your mom has a habit of touching everything. She’s also touching her lips and face constantly.


Elderly Care in Northfield IL: Alzheimers

Elderly Care in Northfield IL: Alzheimers


If you’re responsible for a parent with Alzheimer’s, self-isolation may be wearing you down. You can’t take your mom out as she won’t wear a mask and hugs everyone she meets. How do you stay sane when you’re caring for your mom and she has dementia?


Talk to Your Parent’s Doctor About Prescriptions

Ask your mom’s doctor and/or pharmacist if you can get prescriptions switched to mail order or a 90-day supply. This lessens the number of trips you’ll make to the pharmacy for refills. If it’s not possible, see if curbside pick-up is an option so that you can stay out of the store.


Reduce Visitors

Reduce the number of visitors who are allowed to see your mom. People are going to get upset and feel singled out, but you need to keep your parent safe. Restrict visits to those you know who are going to take precautions to keep your mom safe. Your sister is working from home and purchasing her groceries so that they’re delivered, she’d be a better choice for visits than an aunt who keeps going out to see her friends.

Everyone else can talk to your mom on the phone or via video chat. It’s the safer way to make sure they can talk to or see your mom without risking her health.


Wash Hands Often

Make a point of washing your hands regularly and have your mom join you. While you wash hands, sing a song that you know she likes. Use music to keep her in the bathroom or kitchen until she’s lathered all areas of her hands and washed them for the full 20 seconds.

If you do it with her, she’ll figure it’s normal. If you can’t get to a sink, use hand sanitizer. Use enough that it thoroughly wets her hands and easily spreads between her fingers. You also need to make sure it gets under her nails.


Take Breaks

You need to make sure you have a chance to take breaks. You don’t have to go anywhere. Let an elderly care aide take over caring for your mom while you go for a walk or take a warm bath. Elderly care aides provide you with the chance to decompress and reduce stress during this challenging time.


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