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Home Care in Northbrook IL: Monthly News

Home Care in Northbrook IL: Monthly News

For over fifteen years, LifeCare Home Health and In-Home Care Services has taken care of thousands of patients providing top clinical care. LifeCare has been ranked with Five Stars by Medicare and was a winner of multiple prestigious awards for post-acute care in the home. LifeCare also launched many unique programs, effectively designed to enhance patient safety, speed up recovery, and minimize hospitalization. Now, LifeCare is expanding its existing Community Health and Wellness Outreach Program for the general public. Jaclyn Smyth, a social worker and new Community Health and Wellness Liaison for LifeCare is working on expanding community awareness and healthcare education. LifeCare Home Health and In-Home Care services, is honored to welcome her aboard.

Dean Jackson said, “Listening is an art that requires attention over talent, spirit over ego, others over self.”

These are attributes that Jaclyn Smyth has not only practiced, but perfected. From a young age, Jaclyn was among the oldest growing up in Fox Lake, Illinois. Looking out for the younger kids that lived in her area, was part of a daily routine. This watered the seeds of caretaking that would later become her profession. Currently a young graduate student, Jaclyn knew healthcare will be her primary destination in wherever direction life was to take. At first, Jaclyn could not narrow down her a path until she began working as a Certified Nursing Assistant (CNA) at Paradise Park, an Assisted Living Facility located in Fox Lake. It was then that she was introduced to Pfyllis, a woman Jaclyn still recalls fondly. Their bond grew daily, as the two women became close friends. This relationship clarified for Jaclyn, that she wanted to work with the geriatric population.

Patients became more than just a day job for Jaclyn. They represented trust, gratitude, and timeless friendship. “Just knowing that older adults can trust me and building that rapport with them, made me feel like going to work was worthwhile,” said Jaclyn. Presently, Jaclyn represents a new Community Health and Wellness Outreach Program sponsored by LifeCare Home Health and In-Home Care Services. The initiative fits well with the type of person Jaclyn is, an empathic rapport builder, a good listener, and a problem solver. Her goal is to create new bridges with our local neighbors by assessing community needs and providing complimentary access to healthcare information. Communities have numerous bonds similar to the one Pfyllis, and Jaclyn shared. Jaclyn understands the importance of building on those ties, to secure local senior wellness and safety.

Coming out of the shadows of the COVID-19 quarantine, never before has there been such a demand for understanding of psychological coping skills, knowledge of local resources, accurate medical and psychosocial information, and tips on recovery among families. Jaclyn hopes that by building a solid Community Health and Wellness Outreach Program, she can bring hope to people who feel hopeless. Her daily work involves reaching out to local congregations, community centers, senior centers, community groups, support services, and connecting with community leaders on behalf of LIfeCare Home Health, a top Medicare rated, Northbrook, Illinois based healthcare provider.

As Jaclyn goes home to her cat Symba, she wants community members, leaders, and organizers, to go home with accurate knowledge of wellness and healthcare. It is her hope that, through promoting close to fifty complimentary courses, presented by top healthcare professionals, the people she builds bonds with can have a peace of mind about their futures.

By Daniela Shekman

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