Is it Difficult for You to Ask for Help?

Many caregivers have significant trouble asking for help. The irony of this is that they’re often among the first to offer help themselves. If this describes you, you may need to take a few steps to get over your concerns about asking for help.

Home Care Services in Highland Park IL: Caregiver Requesting Assistance

Home Care Services in Highland Park IL: Caregiver Requesting Assistance

Figure out What You Need Help Doing

You need to get clear on what you need help with otherwise you’re going to find it difficult to get any help at all. Sit down and brainstorm what it is that you specifically want help doing. You might have tasks listed as well as other types of situations, such as skills you need to learn in order to be a better caregiver.

Think about Family and Friends

Once you’re clear about where you need help in your caregiving situation, now you need to brainstorm again about who in your life might be able to help. Friends and family members might match up perfectly to some of the items on your list. Don’t worry now about whether those people will definitely help, because that’s not your concern just yet.

Take that First Step and Ask

The first step of actually asking for help is a really difficult one to take. Take a deep breath and just do it. The worst that can happen is that someone tells you that they can’t help and that is not really so bad. If it helps, practice what you might say to each person before you actually say it.

Don’t Attach Expectations to the Ask

Another important aspect of asking for help is that you need to remove your expectations from the process. If you’re attached to getting a yes, you’re going to be incredibly disappointed by a negative response. When you can remove those expectations, it’s so much easier to ask for that help. And you might even be surprised when you get more positive responses.

Hire Elder Care Services

Even if you’re striking out with friends and family, that doesn’t mean you’re alone in this. Hiring elder care providers gives you a way to get the help that you need. You may even find that hiring elder care services is far more efficient for you than asking friends and family for help. They’re experienced in everything connected with caregiving and they’re there to make your life and your senior’s life easier.

The more that you reach out and ask for help the more likely it is that you’ll start to get the help that you need. This does take practice, though, so don’t give up. Even if you’re not getting the responses right now that you’d hoped for, that can still change.

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