Eating Habits: Why Isn’t Your Mom Eating?

Eating Habits: Your mom’s doctor tells you she’s losing weight.

She’s lost more weight than she should, and her doctor’s concerned she’s not eating enough to keep the weight on. You’re worried about how best to help her eating habits, as she never seems to want to eat. What do you do?


Home Health Care in Lake Forest IL: Not Eating

Home Health Care in Lake Forest IL: Not Eating


Take Her to the Dentist

If she’s not eating, it could be that a tooth hurts. If she wears a bridge or dentures, they may be slipping or no longer fit correctly. A dentist can check things out and take care of any dental issues like cavities, ill-fitting dentures, or broken partials.


She Has No Appetite

Has your mom lost her appetite? Medication side effects are a leading cause of appetite changes. It could be that the prescriptions she’s on are making her nauseous or affecting her appetite.

When prescription medications impact your hunger or how foods taste, it can make it hard to want to eat. Talk to her doctor about the pills she’s taking and see if there are alternatives.

There are health conditions that can also affect your appetite. It’s a good idea to talk to your mom’s doctor to see if she may have a health condition that’s affecting her appetite and eating habits.


Foods Don’t Taste the Same

Your taste buds change as you age. You no longer have the same number of taste buds, so foods you once loved are no longer appealing. That’s one reason why you’ll see older adults add a lot of salt to their dishes.

It may be time to explore ways to make foods taste appealing. Fresh herbs, citrus juice, and salt-free spice blends help add flavor. If foods are flavorful, they’ll be more appealing. You should also try new things and see what your mom thinks.

Her Appetite Has Diminished

As you age, digestion slows down. Food stays in your stomach for a longer amount of time. That could be why your mom isn’t eating as much. If that’s the case, boosting her caloric intake may help. Nutrient-rich shakes can help her maintain her weight.

Eating Habits: She Dislikes Cooking

Sometimes, older adults simply no longer enjoy or have the energy to cook a full meal. If your mom is struggling with meal preparation, she needs help.

Sit down with your mom and ask her if it would be helpful having someone else preparing her meals. If she’s not eating because meal preparation is becoming harder for her to handle, elderly care will make a big difference in her eating habits.

Elderly care aides are easy to arrange. Fill out an online form or call an elderly care specialist and find out how much caregivers cost, what services are available, and how often you should schedule caregiver visits.


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