Three Ways to Check on Your Mom When You Live Overseas

You live in Europe and your mom lives in the U.S. You’re not close enough to stop by after work and see how she’s doing. It’s not an unusual situation for families to encounter. But, it’s often one of the more challenging ones.


Elder Care in Highland Park IL: Overseas Caregiving

Elder Care in Highland Park IL: Overseas Caregiving


When you have to take flights that take hours to get to your mom’s home, you must have a back-up plan. If she needs help with daily tasks, you can’t let her struggle alone. Here are the three best ways to check on your mom when you live overseas.


Arrange Video Chats as Often as You Can

Arrange to video chat as often as possible. Conflicting time zones can make this hard, but do what you can to check in at least weekly. Look at how your mom seems and how she sounds. Does she look like she’s lost weight? Is her skin paler than usual? Does she sound congested?

You can get a lot of information about your mom’s health and well-being through a phone call. If there seems to be anything wrong, you can ask questions and see if she needs someone to stop by and help. When you can’t get to her quickly, a video chat is the next best thing.


Call Her Doctor

Make sure you have permission to talk to your mom’s doctor. When she has her yearly check-up, call and ask for a quick update. If she’s been prescribed a new medication, jot it down so that you can research it later. If the doctor found anything concerning, ask if there are follow-up appointments.

If you’re involved in your mom’s medical care, you can help explain things she’s forgotten. You’ll also have the information you need to know if it’s time to visit her.


Make Arrangements to Have Caregivers Stop Buy

Elderly care services are an essential part of your plans. Hire a caregiver to stop by each week, every few days, or every day. The caregiver is there to help with housework, do the laundry, and help prepare meals. The caregiver can drive your mom to stores or medical offices, join her while she does the shopping, and help her carry packages.


With elderly care arrangements made, you have peace of mind. When you are able to visit, your visits become packed with fun outings rather than days packed with chores. The rest of the time, you can check-in with her caregiver to see how things are going.


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