Situations That Increase Your Stress as You Age

Family caregivers often experience extra stress.

They’re balancing the care of their parents with jobs and raising a family. When that’s happening at the same time, it can be overwhelming and stressful. In addition to the stress you feel, you likely are monitoring your parents’ stress levels too. As you age, some situations increase the stress you feel. These are common situations that boost stress in older adults.


Elder Care in Libertyville IL: Stressful Situations As You Age

Elder Care in Libertyville IL: Stressful Situations As You Age


Depression Sets In

Not every older adult deals with depression, but some do and it’s stressful. Depression causes several troubling symptoms like insomnia, confusion, agitation, and appetite changes. Your parent may not know what’s going on and becomes fearful that there’s a health issue.

Depression is not something to ignore. Your parents need to talk to their doctor. Support them by attending the appointment with them. With therapeutic measures and/or prescription medications, it will ease the stress and depression symptoms.


Doctor Diagnosis You Have a Chronic Health Condition

If your mom or dad learn they have a chronic health condition, it is stressful. Most chronic conditions will change their daily routine. If they learn they have diabetes, it requires changes to the diet and exercise routines. It will require blood sugar checks, eye exams, and regular doctor’s appointments.

Arthritis, dementia, cancer, and heart disease are all chronic health conditions that older adults face. They’re all stressful. While some are easier to manage than others, each requires changes to daily diets, exercise routines, and/or reliance on medications.



Friends Move Away and Narrow Social Circles

After retirement, your parents may have found that their friends moved to other areas. Some move to a warmer climate. Others move to areas where the cost of living is lower. It can reduce the number of friends in their social circle.

If they’re having a hard time with socialization because people have moved away, it can be stressful. Volunteering is one way to expand their social circle and make new friends. Joining a senior care center’s activities is another way.



Financial Limitations

After retirement, your parents have to manage their finances. Social Security payments don’t often keep up with the rising cost of living. Health issues can drive up the costs of medical care. Suddenly, your parents are struggling with deciding if groceries or medications are more important. Which do they skip this week?

Finances can be a large factor when it comes to stress. If they’re struggling with bills, they’ll need help with cutting costs and bill paying.

How do you manage the stress you feel while helping your parents as they age at home? Home care services like respite care are important. You can’t spend so much of your day caring for them that you lose track of your own needs. Call a home care agency to make arrangements.


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