Is Pilates Good for Your Elderly Loved One?

Experts say that regular exercise can be very beneficial to the mental and physical health of elderly adults. As a person gets older, they tend to lose some flexibility, endurance, and balance. This means limited mobility for many elderly adults makes it difficult for them to find a suitable exercise routine.


Home Care Services in Highland Park IL: Senior Pilates

Home Care Services in Highland Park IL: Senior Pilates


Reasons Why Elderly Adults Might Do Pilates

Pilates can be a good choice for both the younger generation and elderly adults. There are many beginner level pilates regimens that are extremely popular amongst the elderly. Even advanced pilates can usually be adapted to suit an elderly adult. One of the best things about Pilates is the fact that it is designed to help a person increase their range of motion. Many experts recommend that if a person is a beginner in pilates, they should seek the guidance of an instructor. This will help them learn how the exercise should be performed and decrease the risk of injury.

Benefits of Pilates for Elderly Adults

There are many benefits for elderly adults who want to include pilates into their daily lives. Some studies show that pilates will help a person increase their flexibility and even prevent injuries.

Other benefits of pilates include the following:

Improve walking speed – Pilates can help improve your elderly loved ones walking speed which can help reduce their risk of experiencing a fall.

Increase strength – Your elderly loved one might find they become stronger after doing pilates.

Improve posture – These types of exercises target a person’s entire torso which can help improve their overall posture.

Many experts say that pilates can also help prevent osteoporosis, reduce chronic back pain, and slow down the progression of some diseases.


Socializing Opportunities

Many people find pilates is fairly simple. It is usually done on a comfortable mat or chair. There are several pilates videos online. Some even feature an instructor who is trained in Pilates for the elderly. However, your elderly loved one might also enjoy attending a pilates class which will give them the opportunity to socialize. Just remember some pilates classes have guidelines that a person must follow due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Keeping Active

Exercising even in small amounts is beneficial. However, it is important to remember that not all exercise regimens are right for everyone. If your elderly loved one is interested in pilates, they will find many benefits of doing it. It will help them keep active and stay stronger.

Pilates is a good exercise for elderly adults. It can help boost your elderly loved one’s physical, mental, and emotional health. If you want to encourage your elderly loved one to do pilates, but you can’t be there to help them with it, you can hire caregivers to assist your loved one with this.


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