Medical Emergencies: Take the Time to Plan for Medical Emergencies

Medical Emergencies: When was the last time you and your family talked about emergency situations?

Your parents live alone. You question their abilities to handle Medical Emergencies if no one else is around.

Planning for medical emergencies is essential. You don’t want them to have a medical event, but it’s good to have a plan in place. Here are some of the situations you should discuss.


Home Care in Wilmette IL: Medical Emergencies

Home Care in Wilmette IL: Medical Emergencies

What Medications Are Taken?

If there’s a medical emergency, doctors and paramedics need to know what medications your mom or dad takes. They need to know if there are any allergies, underlying health conditions, or advance directives that impact the care that’s given.


Who Is On the Emergency Call List?

When there is a medical emergency, stress can make it hard to remember who to call first. A laminated list of emergency contacts is helpful. Start with 911 at the top for calling paramedics.

Go through the close family members who live nearby. You also want the names and contact information of doctors. This list helps your parents, but it also helps first responders and family members as calls are made.


One Parent Has Alzheimer’s and the Other is Injured

Your dad has Alzheimer’s and struggles with daily activities of living. Your mom handles his care on her own. He tried to get past her and pushed over. She ended up breaking her hip and won’t be as mobile as she was. What happens now?

It’s important to have a backup plan in place for situations like these. Your dad can’t take care of himself on his own while your mom heals. You need to have someone providing respite care so that your mom can focus on her recovery.

You should also consider what happens if your mom cannot call for help. Your dad may not remember how to use the phone to call paramedics. If she is unconscious and can’t make the call, is anyone else in the house or close by to use the phone? Would your dad remember how to use a medic alert system?


Is Aspirin in the House?

If one of your parents was having a heart attack, is there aspirin in the house? Chewing a couple of aspirin can be a life-saving measure. Is there a plan in place for care once your parent returns from the hospital?

Should your parents be alone all day, every day? If it’s unsafe for them to do specific daily tasks on their own, hire home care aides to help out. Talk to a representative about your parents’ needs and abilities, and work with the specialist to create a unique home care plan that suits them for any possible medical emergencies.


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