What Can Make Moving Your Senior in with You Easier?

At some point, you and your elderly family member may decide that it’s time for her to move into your home with you. There are a lot of positives to that decision, but there can be some scary parts, too. It’s really important that you both go into this with your eyes open. Here are just a few of the things you should consider.


Homecare in Glenview IL: Moving Your Senior in with You

Homecare in Glenview IL: Moving Your Senior in with You


Check the Accessibility

Accessibility is a huge concern for your senior if she’s moving in with you. You’ll need to make sure that she’s able to access all of the areas that she will need to get to and that she can do so safely. There may be big and small considerations that never occurred to you because your life and your needs are different from those of your senior. Taking the time to evaluate all of that beforehand allows you to make adjustments before she moves in.


Determine if Extra Help Is a Good Idea

Extra help is almost always an excellent idea, but you need to know how much to bring in. For your senior’s needs right now, extra help could mean that when you’re home you help her with specific activities. Or it could mean that your senior needs elderly care providers there with her if you’re not there. There’s a wide range of assistance that might be necessary depending on her needs.


Talk about How You’re Both Feeling

There’s a lot of emotion wrapped up in what’s going on with all of this. You and your elderly family member each need to be able to talk about what those feelings are and work through them both together and separately. It’s okay for both of you to have mixed feelings about this move. It may be very necessary, but that doesn’t mean that everyone is thrilled about it.


Touch Base Periodically

It’s really important to revisit some of these considerations later, too. There may be accessibility needs that change or changes you need to make in the frequency in which elderly care providers stop by. They also may need to offer more or less help with specific tasks. By checking in periodically, you’re making sure that you’re able to accommodate those changes when necessary.

This could absolutely be the best solution for meeting your senior’s needs. It’s still a delicate situation and needs to be handled properly so that you’re both able to adjust properly.

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