How Elder Care Can Help Your Parent During Period of Social Distancing

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), certain groups of people are at higher risk of getting extremely ill from the COVID-19 virus.

Older adults are among those people. One of the steps the CDC recommends for seniors to prevent catching the virus is to practice social distancing. This means staying away from people who may be ill.


Senior Care in Wilmette IL: Social Distancing

Senior Care in Wilmette IL: Social Distancing


For many older adults, that can mean staying at home until the health crisis is over. While that’s a wise decision for many, it can also be lonely and boring. In addition, it can make getting necessities, like groceries and prescriptions, difficult. One way to make this period of social isolation easier for your aging parent is to hire elder care to help them.


Below are some of the things elder care can do for your parent.

Conversation and Companionship

Perhaps one of the most important things an elder care provider can offer your parent during these stressful times is their presence. Older adults may be feeling particularly anxious right now. Being alone gives them time to dwell on their fears. When an elder care provider visits, they can offer cheerful conversation, help to quell fears and distract your parent with activities they enjoy.


Assistance with Grocery Shopping

Grocery shopping can be particularly problematic for seniors right now. Many stores are quite crowded, making it hard for older adults to safely walk through them. It can also be difficult to make good food choices or reach some items because shelves are emptier than usual. An elder care provider can take your older family member shopping and help them to get the supplies they need to stay safely at home for a while.


Interesting Activities

When your parent is unable to get out of the house for a while, they can become quite bored at home. Days can drag by without much to do. An elder care provider can help them to do crafts, play a board game, do a jigsaw puzzle, and so much more. If there’s something your parent likes to do, an elder care provider will be happy to join them in the activity and make it more fun.


Assistance with Connecting to Family and Friends

It’s important that your parent be able to maintain contact with family members and friends even if they cannot see them in person. While the telephone is a good option, it’s nice for the older adult to be able to see the people they care about. An elder care provider can assist your parent in using social media to view pictures and videos, which will help them to know their loved ones are alright.

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