What Can Help You Keep an Eye on Your Senior from Far Away?

Finding solutions that help you to be the best caregiver possible, even from far away, might seem really difficult at first. But there are more options available to you and your senior and they can help you to make sure she’s getting what she needs.


Senior Care in Deerfield IL: Long Distance Caregiving

Senior Care in Deerfield IL: Long Distance Caregiving


Visits from Family and Friends

If there are family members or friends who live closer to your senior than you do, they might be willing and able to check in on her and let you know what they see. They may even be able to handle little tasks here and there for her in a pinch. Sometimes family members and friends want to help more, but they have other obligations so they’re reluctant to commit to too much since they worry they won’t be able to be there fully for your senior. But if they can help a little bit, that can be enough.


Daily Assistance from Home Care Services

One of the most thorough ways to ensure your senior has help when she needs it is to bring in, in-home care providers. Home care providers can handle a variety of tasks for your elderly family member ranging from household tasks to personal care assistance. They can also help you to know and understand what’s going on in your senior’s daily life so that you can solve problems as they crop up.


Help from Senior Volunteer Agencies

Most people don’t realize just how many agencies out there volunteer to help the elderly, especially the elderly who are homebound. If you’re in need of filling some care gaps for your senior, these agencies could be the perfect fit. Talk to your senior’s doctor if you need help locating some of these agencies to see what they might be able to do for your senior.


Check-ins from Local Law Enforcement

In a more urgent situation, you might want to look into something called a wellness check. This is a service offered by local law enforcement offices. They can send someone out to your senior’s home to verify that she’s alright. This is especially helpful if your elderly family member is more resistant to help and you’ve lost touch with her.

Caregiving, when you don’t live close to your senior, can feel even more challenging. A mix of some of these solutions may be exactly what you need to help your elderly family member as much as possible.


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