Helping Your Elderly Loved One to Build Stronger Muscles

Everyone needs to do what they can to keep their muscles strong and healthy. As your loved one ages, they are going to have a tougher time building stronger muscles, especially if they stop paying attention to their health. With this being said, there are many ways that you and senior care providers can help your elderly loved one to build stronger muscles. Their body doesn’t have to deteriorate just because they are getting older.


Senior Care in Lake Bluff IL: Build Stronger Muscles

Senior Care in Lake Bluff IL: Build Stronger Muscles


Food and Muscle Strength

When your elderly loved one is trying to build stronger muscles, there are numerous things that could help. One of the things that your loved one should focus on is the food that they eat. There are different types of food that have been studied in regard to muscle strength and muscle growth.

Dairy is one of these food options. If your elderly loved one gets enough dairy in their diet, this can help them to build stronger muscles. Research shows that senior citizens who don’t get enough dairy have weaker bones and muscles. The good news is that you and senior are providers can help your loved one to get more dairy. You can put shredded cheese in almost every meal. You can also add a bit of milk into various recipes, as well.

Protein is another great way to build muscle strength. If your elderly loved one isn’t currently getting enough protein in their diet, this needs to change. You and senior care providers can encourage your loved one to eat more lean meats, eggs, nuts, peanut butter, and beans. If necessary, your elderly loved one’s doctor might recommend they take protein supplements.


Getting Daily Exercise

Another way that your elderly loved one can build stronger muscles is by getting daily exercise. This doesn’t mean that your loved one needs to run a marathon or lift heavyweights in the gym. It just means that your elderly loved one should be more active every day. They should be taking walks, swimming (if possible), lifting light weights, and doing some moderate cardio. Stretching daily is a great idea, too.

Before starting any exercise regimen, you or a senior care provider should get the exercises approved by your loved one’s doctor first.



These are just some of the ways that your elderly loved one can start building stronger muscles. Just because your loved one is getting older, that doesn’t mean that their body has to become weak and deteriorate. They can add more quality to their life by building stronger muscles.


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