Senior Health: Choosing a Great Exercise Program for Senior Citizens

Senior Health: Are you trying to get your elderly loved one to exercise more?

If so, it may take you a while because you don’t know what exercise programs would be best for them. The truth is that some exercises are dangerous for senior citizens. Senior health should be a priority.

It is recommended that you or a senior home care provider take your elderly loved one to the doctor to see what the doctor recommends for exercises. In the meantime, there are some tips for choosing a great exercise program for your elderly loved one.


Caregiver in Deerfield IL: Exercise Programs

Caregiver in Deerfield IL: Exercise Programs


Choose Elderly-Friendly Facilities

Is your elderly loved one going to sign up for an exercise program? If so, you should make sure they have elderly-friendly facilities. Some of the ways you can ensure the facilities are best for your elderly loved one include:

  • Taking tours of the facility to see what it is like (amenities, background noise, shower area, locker room, etc.)
  • Asking questions about senior citizen programs
  • Asking if your elderly loved one can take a trial day to see if they like it before signing up
  • Asking a senior home care provider to go with your loved one if you can’t to ensure it is safe for them

If everything checks out after doing these things, the facility should be great for your elderly loved one.


Signing Up for Specific Classes

What interests does your elderly loved one have in regard to exercising? For example, do they enjoy swimming? Your elderly loved one is more likely going to stick to an exercise program if they enjoy what they are doing. You should spend some time talking to your loved one to see what they want to start off with. Some options you may want to recommend include senior swimming programs, stretching classes, or yoga classes.


Taking Classes Online

Does your elderly loved one like to work out from their home? If so, there are many online exercise programs and classes that they can take. If they aren’t great with navigating the internet or various programs, you can hire senior care providers to help with this.

Senior Health: Conclusion

If your elderly loved one is in need of an exercise program, hopefully, these tips can help find them the best one. Don’t forget to have the exercise program your loved one chooses approved by their doctor before they start it. If your elderly loved one has no idea where to start, their doctor may have some recommendations. The home care providers may have some ideas, for better senior health too.


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