Tips for Alzheimer’s Care with an Angry Parent

Coping With an Angry Parent With Alzheimer’s

Coping With an Angry Parent With Alzheimer’s

One of the hardest parts of Alzheimer’s care for parents is if they become angry or aggressive. Even though you are taking care of them when they yell at you or become angry or aggressive it’s easy to feel like a child again. And if your senior parent is significantly larger than you, then you might be afraid for your own safety if they become very aggressive. But it’s important to remember that they are angry or frustrated at a situation and not at you. Don’t take it personally.

Often when someone with Alzheimer’s becomes angry or aggressive it’s because they have a need that is not being met that they can’t verbalize. They could be hungry, or tired, or scared. Always speak to them in a calm and reassuring tone of voice so they feel more secure in their surroundings. You can also use these tools to cope when a senior parent with Alzheimer’s is getting angry or combative:

Alzheimer’s Care

Alzheimer’s care is specialized care for seniors that have Alzheimer’s. The care providers that specialize in Alzheimer’s care are used to dealing with situations where people with Alzheimer’s become aggressive or upset. They have training and experience so they can defuse the situation and make sure that your senior parent is getting what they need. They can also recognize some of the signs of a senior with Alzheimer’s getting upset before the situation escalates so that they can stop it. Having Alzheimer’s care for a loved one with Alzheimer’s will give you a break and also help you learn how to deal with difficult situations caused by Alzheimer’s.

Take Care Of Basic Needs

The best place to start when your senior parent is acting aggressive or angry is to make sure that their basic needs are met. If the anger is really just frustration then taking care of their basic needs should solve the problem. Help them to the bathroom. Get them something to drink. And give them a snack. Put a jacket on them if they’re cold. After you’ve taken care of these basic needs see how their attitude is. If they are calm, then the problem was just that they didn’t know how to tell you that some need wasn’t getting met.

Distract Them

Before your senior parent can get too worked up, try distracting them. You can put on a favorite movie or a CD they love. Or take them for a little walk to get them out of the situation and change the energy. You can even call a family member and distract them with a conversation with someone else. Simple distractions can be very effective at changing the mood and the atmosphere.

Take A Moment

It’s difficult to remain composed when someone is yelling at your or being mean to you, especially when it’s a parent. It’s ok to make sure they are safe but then take a minute alone to process your own feelings and take some deep breaths.


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