Are There Situations Where Your Dad Shouldn’t Live Alone?

Home Care Assistance in Libertyville

Home Care Assistance in Libertyville

Your dad wants to stay in his current home, but you’re not as confident. Are there ever situations where your dad shouldn’t live by himself?

How Is His Health?

One of the most important factors in living alone is how your dad’s health is? If he has a chronic health condition like diabetes or arthritis, he may not need more than someone to check in every now and then. In those cases, family caregivers and home care assistance aides are enough to match his needs.

If your dad has Alzheimer’s, the risk of wandering away becomes too great. At that point, he shouldn’t live alone unless you’re arranging 24-hour care services or moving in with him to ensure he’s never alone at night.

He Keeps Falling

Has your dad fallen multiple times? If so, it’s a clear indicator that he shouldn’t be alone at certain times of day. You need to look at what led to the fall. He takes his blood pressure medications and falls about an hour after taking them. It could be they’re causing dizziness.

He doesn’t have to move, but he needs support. When he takes his medications, have someone in the house for a few hours. He’ll have someone to help him balance while he walks around or takes his shower. If he has to go downstairs for something, he has someone with him.

Even better, have a home care assistance aide there to do things that require him to go up and down the stairs. If he’s going downstairs to do the laundry, he can have a caregiver do the laundry for him.

He Complains About Being Isolated

Your dad has been complaining about being isolated and unhappy because of it. Before you force him into a move he’s reluctant to make, look at the benefits of home care. He can have a caregiver with him throughout the week to provide the socialization he needs.

He’s Fallen for a Scam

If your dad fell for a scam, he’s not alone. Almost 92,400 older adults fell for a scam in 2021. Many of these scams start with a phone call. Ignoring unknown callers isn’t enough anymore, as some scammers use software to make it look like they’re calling from a legitimate agency or business.

However, you can’t take away your dad’s phone. If there’s an emergency, he needs to call for help. You can arrange to have a home care assistance aide with him to determine if a call is legitimate or not.

He Can Stay In His Home With the Help of Home Care

When your dad isn’t safe or happy on his own, arrange caregivers to help him with daily routines. Home care assistance supports your dad with services like housekeeping, meal preparation, and transportation. So, talk to a home care assistance specialist to learn more about these and other services available in your area.

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