Four Things seniors Can do To Boost Their Energy

Home Care Assistance in Glencoe

Home Care Assistance in Glencoe

There are many reasons why seniors can start to feel run down. The weather, eating a poor diet, not getting enough sleep, or some medications that they take can sap a senior’s energy and make them tired all the time. But there are some things seniors can do to safely boost their energy and get back the vitality they used to have. The best things seniors should do if they want to boost their energy and feel stronger are:

Exercise Every Day

Daily exercise is something seniors should prioritize, even though many don’t. Getting exercise every day will help seniors lose weight, strengthen their muscles, and keep a positive outlook. Seniors that exercise every day will feel stronger and have more energy. Those who start walking for just 30 minutes a day will notice positive changes in their physical and mental health in just weeks.

Seniors who want to exercise more but lack motivation to walk daily should get home care assistance. With home care assistance, they will have someone who visits daily to motivate them to get up and get moving and hold them accountable for the changes they want to make.

Eat A Balanced Diet And Eat Enough Food

Many seniors aren’t eating enough food, and the food they are eating isn’t healthy or nutritious. Seniors should be eating a mostly plant-based diet, mixed with some healthy fats and lean protein. Seniors often don’t get enough fruits and vegetables in their diet, for many reasons. But seniors lacking energy need the vitamins and minerals in fresh fruit and vegetables. Especially the vitamins and minerals that can only be gotten from food.

Stay Hydrated

It’s hard to overestimate the impact of being dehydrated on the body. Seniors who aren’t drinking enough water, which is most of them, often feel tired, listless, lethargic, and dull. That’s because bodies need water for every process they do. And even though it might seem like dehydration is more of a problem in the summer, it can also be a problem for seniors in the winter when it’s cold and seniors don’t want to drink water. Seniors should drink at least one glass of water per hour throughout the day to ensure they get the hydration they need to stay energized and healthy.

Get Enough Sleep 

Sleep is just as essential for energy as anything else on this list. If seniors aren’t getting enough sleep, they aren’t going to have a lot of energy. Making it a priority to go to bed at the same time each day and practice good sleep hygiene is the best way for seniors to get the rest they need. Most seniors should get at least nine hours of sleep at night. Seniors who are exercising and eating well may find they are sleeping better too. All these changes work together to give seniors more energy and vitality.

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