Why is Medication Management So Important for Your Senior?

Home Health Care in Glencoe

Home Health Care in Glencoe

In the past, your elderly family member might not have needed medication at all. But as she grows older, her health is likely to change. Often medication is the answer to keeping health issues under control. Also, if your elderly family member is taking more than a few prescription medications, she may find that they’re quickly becoming overwhelming or even confusing to manage on her own. That is when it makes sense to have a plan for medication management.

Medications Have a Job to Do for Your Senior

Your senior’s doctor prescribes medications to meet a goal or solve a specific problem. Those prescribed medications have a big job to do, and you want them to follow through for your senior. Not taking medication properly or forgetting to take medicines could seriously jeopardize your elderly family member’s recovery or health.

Essential Medications Can’t Be Skipped at All

If your elderly family member takes medications for life-threatening health issues, she must take the medicines the way they are prescribed. Skipping these prescriptions or taking them improperly could literally lead to life-limiting situations for your senior. Home health care providers can be instrumental in making sure your elderly family member regularly takes her medications. They can also be on the lookout for symptoms that mean your senior’s health is changing for the worse.

Taking Medications Properly Also Involves Timing

Some medications your senior might take could require she takes them with food. Conversely, others might require she take them on an empty stomach. Keeping track of all that can be incredibly difficult, especially if your elderly family member experiences changes in how her brain functions. Having someone who can manage your senior’s medications for her relieves you both of a lot of stress.

Supplements Can Affect Medications, Too

Many people don’t realize that supplements, even multivitamins, can also affect how medications work. If your elderly family member is taking herbs, minerals, and vitamins that she doesn’t mention to her doctor, then she may not get the results she needs or expects from prescribed medications. With a medication management plan in place, all medications, including over-the-counter medications and supplements, are accounted for with everyone involved.

Keeping Your Senior Safe Is a Multi-faceted Task

Ultimately, keeping your senior safe with her medications is a multi-faceted job. Home health care providers know how to help patients take medications as prescribed, and any problems they may have. A comprehensive medication management plan will undoubtedly cover your senior’s needs and help her get the most out of her prescriptions.

As her caregiver, you might feel overwhelmed trying to find solutions to her health issues. One solution that can help you with the rest of your senior’s health concerns is to bring in home health care services.

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