Home Care: Holiday Decorating Tips For Seniors

Home Care:  With the holidays coming up fast it’s the perfect time to go over some easy ways that seniors can safely decorate their homes for the holidays.

Seniors don’t have to abandon holiday decorating just because they might have a harder time putting decorations up. You or you’re home care provider can use some of these DIY hacks and easy modifications to decorate your senior loved one’s home or they can use them to decorate on their own.


Home Care in Wilmette IL: Holiday Decorating

Home Care in Wilmette IL: Holiday Decorating


Get Help

If you or your senior loved one can afford it you can hire a company to decorate the front of your senior loved one’s home for the holidays. Hiring a professional decorating company isn’t as expensive as you might think and it will help seniors feel more connected to their neighborhood if their home is decorated. No one wants to have the only house in the neighborhood that isn’t decorated. If your senior loved one can’t afford to hire a company to do the outside decorations you can put up some simple lights and small decorations for them.

Choose Tabletop Christmas Trees

Tabletop Christmas trees are ideal for seniors who really want to have a Christmas tree. Having Christmas tree set up in the living room or family room can create some big tripping hazards for seniors. Seniors may fall trying to move safely around the tree or they could trip on the cords for the Christmas tree lights. Small tabletop trees give seniors the chance to display their beloved holiday ornaments and make the house look festive without creating huge hazards in the house. A home care provider can help your senior loved one set up tabletop trees and make sure that they aren’t in the way.

Use Solid Lights Not Twinkling Lights

If your senior loved one has used twinkling or blinking Christmas lights for holidays in the past change those lights out for solid lights that don’t blink or change color. Blinking lights can be very disorienting for seniors, especially seniors with Alzheimer’s or dementia. If your senior parent is disoriented they are more likely to trip and fall when they are trying to get around the home. A home care provider can help you go through your senior parents’ holiday decorations to see which strings of lights need to be replaced so that your loved one will be safer.

Pare Down The Holiday Clutter

Over the years it’s very easy to collect dozens of Christmas ornaments, multiple wreaths, huge collections of lights, and other holiday decorations. Make this year the year that you or your home care provider goes through all of that clutter with your senior loved ones and get rid of what they don’t want or can’t use. Have them choose a few particularly sentimental ornaments that they can display on a tabletop tree but leave the rest packed up or give them away to friends and family members. Keep hallways and other essential spaces free from clutter so that your senior loved one will be able to move freely and safely around the house without having to wade through a lot of holiday clutter.


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