Home Health Care: Why Does Your Senior’s Doctor Think Home Health Care for Diabetes Is Important?

Home Health Care: Suddenly finding out that she has diabetes can be a huge emotional blow for your senior.

Diabetes isn’t a punishment, but it can feel like one at times, especially if your elderly family member is having to change some of the foods she eats or make other modifications to her life. Having knowledgeable help such as home health care, alongside her makes such a big difference.


Home Health Care in Lake Bluff IL: Diabetes

Home Health Care in Lake Bluff IL: Diabetes


Avoiding Diabetes Complications

The possible complications from diabetes are truly overwhelming. They range from relatively mild issues with high blood pressure to blindness, a much higher risk of strokes, and even possible loss of limbs. Diabetes is incredibly serious and having in-home diabetes care can make all the difference in helping your senior to minimize the impact of diabetes on her overall health and well-being.

Recognizing Worsening Symptoms

Taking the best possible care of a senior with diabetes means sticking to a solid routine and monitoring symptoms as well as necessary data. Home health care providers are able to assist your senior with testing and also notice things like excessive thirst or signs that your elderly family member might be dizzy more often or having trouble with neuropathy. Spotting those issues early can help to manage them more effectively.

Managing Medications

Some people are able to manage diabetes without medications. But if your elderly family member does need medications, including insulin, it’s vital that she takes them properly. In-home diabetes care providers ensure your elderly family member is taking her medication regularly and as prescribed. If her medication needs adjustments because of her blood sugar levels, they can keep her from being confused about those adjustments.

Home Health Care: Addressing Lifestyle Modifications

Lifestyle changes can be incredibly effective when managing diabetes, but they can be difficult for your senior to implement on her own. If your elderly family member’s doctor recommends exercise, home health care providers can assist your senior with ramping up an exercise plan. Changes to her diet might be complicated if she’s been used to eating convenience foods, for instance. That’s another area where having someone there to offer hands-on help is absolutely crucial.

Diabetes doesn’t have to get the upper hand with your senior’s health. With the right help, your elderly family member can have the support that she needs to make educated decisions about what is best for her diabetes management. As she sees improvements in how she’s feeling, she’s also likely to see improvements in the data her doctor is going to look at.


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