Five Things to Know about a Plant-based Diet for Your Senior

In-Home Care in Libertyville

In-Home Care in Libertyville

Have you wondered if a plant-based diet would be suitable for your senior? Ideally, you should check with her doctor before making significant changes to her diet. But a plant-based diet has a lot of benefits. Even just adding one or two meatless meals to your senior’s weekly diet can offer some great results for her when it comes to overall health. Trying a plant-based diet is also easier than your senior might think.

A Plant-based Diet Is Good for Your Senior’s Heart

The American Heart Association recommends eating a diet that focuses more on plants and less on meat and animal products. Along with other lifestyle choices, adjusting to a plant-based diet can help reduce cholesterol levels. Meatless dies can also help reduce high blood pressure and improve overall heart health. That is good news if your elderly family member is trying to avoid heart disease.

Meatless Meals Are Easier Than They Seem

“Meatless” or vegetarian meals don’t have to be as complicated as they seem. Your senior needs to consider balancing whole grains with other vegetables that offer a solid mix of protein and other nutrients. Beans, legumes, and even tofu are excellent protein sources and can take center stage in any meal.

Your Senior Doesn’t Have to Go Meatless All at Once

Many aging adults worry that going meatless is something they must do at every meal to get benefits from doing so. That is not the case at all. Starting one or two weekly dinners focusing on being meatless is a significant first step. From there, your elderly family member can branch out and try adding more meatless meals. It’s more about cutting back on red meat and other animal products.

Balancing Produce with Lean Proteins Isn’t a Bad Plan

Take a closer look at what your senior already enjoy eating. If leaner proteins like poultry and even fatty fish are foods she enjoys, that’s a great way to balance meatless meals. Include lots of fruits and vegetables and whole grains, and your elderly family member has a great plan to follow.

Your Senior May Need Some Extra Help

Adopting a meatless diet can feel like a big challenge, especially if your elderly family member is concerned about things like chopping vegetables more often. In-home care providers can help your senior to manage the preparation issues she might be facing. Elder care providers can also help your old stock up her kitchen more efficiently and keep it stocked for meals and snacks. If your elderly family member forgets to eat, in-home care providers can remind her and offer companionship while she has her meals.

That is common if your senior can’t give up red meat altogether. Most importantly, she’s willing to ensure she’s getting plenty of plant-based foods in addition to her occasional meaty meals.

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