Why Is National Stay Out of the Sun Day Important For Your Dad?

July 3rd is one of the sunniest days of the summer, and that’s why it’s National Stay Out of the Sun Day. The sun does more than age the skin, the UV rays can harm the skin cells and allow changes that can lead to skin cancer. Having Senior Care aides on hand can help to prevent sunburns from happening.


Senior Care IN Glencoe IL: Sun and Skin Cancer

Senior Care IN Glencoe IL: Sun and Skin Cancer

It’s estimated that 20% of adults 70 or older will end up with skin cancer. It may be too late to prevent your dad from experiencing the damaging effects of the sun, but it’s never too late to take steps to protect your skin.

Your dad loves to be outside, but you need him to consider his safety. He’s already had some moles biopsied, and it’s not a procedure he enjoys. This year for Stay Out of the Sun Day, keep your day out of the sun using these tips.


Create a Shady Oasis

You can be outside without being in the sun. If your dad has a deck or patio, look into clear roofing panels that block UV rays. He’s in the sun without experiencing the damaging UVA and UVB rays. Add mesh tarps to block the sun from the sides and keep the bugs away.

If that’s not an option, shade trees or even a shady side of the house can help your dad enjoy time outside without being in the sun. Make sure he applies sunscreen to his exposed skin, including the ears and eyelids when he goes outside.


Find Fun Activities for Inside

Keep your dad busy inside. He loves to garden, but you want to show him that it can be just as much fun. Create planters inside using water, canning jars, and a hole in the lid that holds the plant above the water line. The roots will grow down into the water. You can also do this with a kit like an Aerogarden.

Does he have other hobbies he enjoys? If not, he may want to try something new. Ask him what interests him and get the supplies. He may want to try making sourdough bread or learn to paint. He might discover a passion for making homemade soap.

Board games are a great way to pass time on a hot, sunny day. Look for something new for him to play. Backgammon is one option, but you may find he loves the strategy game Ticket to Ride and wants to make that a weekly game for family game nights.


Would Senior Care Help?

Do you live in another state or country? That makes it hard to take care of your aging dad? When you’re limited to once-yearly visits and phone calls, arrange senior home care services to ensure he’s supported.


If you or an aging loved-one are considering hiring Senior Care in Glencoe, IL, call the caring staff at LifeCare Home Health & In-Home Services. Call (888) 606-4199 LifeCare serves all of the Chicago Metro Area.

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