Obesity: How Obesity Can Affect Your Seniors’ Mobility

Obesity: In seniors, obesity is a major concern for one’s health, motor functions, and cognition.

It is a proven fact that obesity is pervasive and challenging. This makes for a well-known critically important public health dilemma. The easiest way to avoid obesity is to maintain a healthy lifestyle with regular exercise and the right diet intake. Home care assistance services can guide a patient in the right direction to lead to a healthy and fit life and also can take care of his needs as well.


Caregiver in Highland Park IL: Obesity

Caregiver in Highland Park IL: Obesity



Effects of obesity:

There are several effects of obesity that can lead to serious complications. However, the effects can be divided into structural areas, such as:


Body functions and structures:

Physiological functions of the human body are considered bodily functions. The bodily functions include internal-external organs, limbs, and their components and the system as a whole. In the studies, it has been found obesity directly decreases bodily functions.


Functional Mobility:

The cardio capacity and stability which is required to have proper functional mobility is hampered immensely by obesity and being overweight.


Personal Factors:

Depending upon various factors like sex, age, mobility disability, and other effects of obesity may vary from patient to patient. The experience of difficulties may be different for a certain individual. Age has been identified as a factor that contributes to mobility disability however, as previously mentioned, obesity early in life leads to an increased risk of mobility disability later in life. It has been suggested that maintaining a stable weight, in older adults, could be important in preventing functional mobility limitations.

Environmental factors:

The very environment in which people live has an impact on aspects of the physical, social, and attitude. Functional mobility comes under this purview of these factors and where the patient is living.

Quality of life:

The general quality of life has been determined as a contributing factor in obesity. The well-being of the patient and his physical functioning directly depend upon the quality of life a senior lives.

Obesity: Conclusion: How Obesity Can Affect Your Seniors’ Mobility

In the case of obesity, one’s joints are often the first areas affected. If the human body is considered as a weight that one needs to carry around and the joints are the pulleys, then you can understand the stress that weight will put on the pulleys. Then, the bodyweight gets excessively heavy, so naturally, mobility is affected. In these cases, you may try home care assistance services which will certainly give some relief to your loved ones. The expertise of the professionals from home care assistance can implement the necessary changes in the lifestyle of the patients. This way a daily exercise program and a regular healthy diet can be a game-changer for your loved one.

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