Senior Health: Is it Time to Talk to Your Senior’s Doctor about Her Prescriptions?

Senior Health: October is Talk About Prescriptions Month.

That’s a vital month and topic for your senior if she takes even one prescription. Keeping on top of what is going on with your senior’s medications helps you to make changes that better support her needs and promote good senior health.


Elderly Care in Northbrook IL: Prescriptions

Elderly Care in Northbrook IL: Prescriptions

Is She Taking Her Medications Properly?

It’s easy to get out of the habit of taking medications exactly the right way. If your elderly family member is supposed to take her medication with food or at a certain time, it’s a good idea to double-check with her doctor about how that should go. Medication compliance is one of the biggest reasons that medication is ineffective for people, so getting as close to perfect adherence as possible helps.


Does She Have New Side Effects?

Over time, medication may affect your senior differently than it used to. Your senior may experience new side effects that can even cause her to stop taking her medication without letting you know. Finding out what side effects are normal and which ones are not good news can help your senior to get the assistance that she needs with her medications.

Senior Health: Is it Time to Adjust the Medication?

Maybe there aren’t any new side effects, but the medication just isn’t working as well for your elderly family member as it used to work. New medications and new formulations may have come out in the time since your senior was prescribed her current medication. Her doctor may want to make some adjustments.


Senior Health: Do Any of the Medications Require Dietary Changes?

What your senior eats makes a huge difference in how medications are metabolized. And if she’s not eating as well or as often as she needs to be, that can have a huge impact on how her body processes her medications. In-home care providers can make those changes a lot easier for your senior. Senior care services can help with providing nutritious and tasty meals at regular, set mealtimes that coincide with when your elderly family member should be eating for best results with her medications. Your senior doesn’t have to watch the clock or exert extra effort cooking meals that take a lot of her energy.


It’s a lot easier for you as a family caregiver to rest easy knowing that in-home care providers are there to remind your senior to take her medication. It’s also easier knowing that someone is there helping with everything else that supports the medication working properly for good senior health.


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