Six Small Clues Your Senior Could Use Home Care Assistance

Home Care in Northfield

Home Care in Northfield

You might already know the big signs that your aging family member could use more help, but what about the small signs? Noticing some of these signs a little earlier can help your elderly family member avoid a bigger need and no one to help.

Household Chores Aren’t Getting Done

Household chores aren’t necessarily fun for anyone. But if you’re noticing that some aren’t getting done like they used to in your senior’s home, she might be having trouble. Some things to look for might be that her home just isn’t as tidy as it used to be. Or, maybe things are taking longer than usual. For instance, does your senior no longer clean up right after cooking? That could be a sign that she needs home care help.

It Takes a While for Her to Answer the Phone

When you call your elderly family member, pay attention to things like whether she seems to hear the phone or it takes a long time for her to answer. These clues can let you know that there might be mobility issues or even hearing trouble causing difficulty for your senior. If your senior also has trouble hearing or holding a conversation once she’s on the phone, that can be another sign to pay attention to.

Laundry Is Piling Up

Laundry is a never-ending chore for most people. But if your aging family member is having more trouble than ever keeping her clothing clean, she may benefit from more help. Home care providers can help with tasks like laundry, which gives your senior the chance to spend that time and energy elsewhere. Clean clothes are more important for hygiene than your senior might realize.

Grocery Shopping Is More Difficult

Tasks related to food are also something that everyone finds difficult now and again. For your senior, there may be more complications. Likewise, more difficult days, rather than easy ones related to food, grocery shopping, and even cooking. Home care providers can handle those tasks for her, making sure that she’s eating healthy meals regularly.

She’s Alone a Lot More

Are you noticing that your senior seems on her own much more than usual? This could be another sign that she needs a little more help. She may be having trouble driving. Or maybe the people she usually spends time with aren’t up to being around other people as much.

She’s No Longer Engaging with Hobbies She Loves

Pay attention also to whether she seems to be setting aside some hobbies and activities that she loves. When this happens, it could be due to her increased trouble with all sorts of situations. She may benefit from more help in other ways to free up time and energy to do what she loves.

If you’re still not sure if your elderly family member could use home care services, ask her. She may not want to open the topic herself. But she could be more open to the idea than you realize.

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