Senior Health: How to Help Your Senior to Lose Weight

Senior Health: Losing weight is a challenge that faces many seniors at one point or another.

For people over 50 years old, this challenge is particularly difficult. Gaining weight comes with a host of health problems, such as joint pain and reduced mobility. When it comes to understanding how to lose weight, your senior can’t just focus on weight loss. It’s important to understand what is causing the weight gain in the first place. This will help them determine the right strategy to lose weight and keep it off for good for better senior health.


Homecare in Highland Park IL: Losing Weight

Homecare in Highland Park IL: Losing Weight


Why is Weight Gain So Common in Seniors?

There are several reasons why weight gain is so common in seniors. For one, seniors cannot afford the same level of activity as they once could. As we age, our bodies become less flexible. This can lead to joint pain and reduced mobility. If your senior is unable to move around as much as they once could, their body will begin to store fat to protect itself.

Another reason why weight gain is so common in seniors is that their metabolism slows down. As your senior ages, their metabolism slows down because their body becomes less active. This causes their body to consume fewer calories.

Seniors can counteract this by making small changes to their daily routine. Here are some ways to encourage your senior to lose weight.

1. Encourage Them to Exercise

If you’ve ever had a run-in with a senior citizen, you’ll know how difficult it is to get them to exercise. But you need to make them understand how important it is for them to exercise.

Aerobic exercise is good for seniors, especially if they have health problems. It strengthens the heart muscles, improves blood flow, and strengthens the bones.

2. Healthy Meals

Some seniors are on diets. But since they are home all day, it’s easy for them to eat whatever they want. If your senior eat unhealthy food, they are more likely to gain weight.

Try to get them to eat healthier meals. Personal care at home can cook healthy meals for them, and encourage them to keep motivated.

3. Keep Track of Their Progress

If you’re trying to help your senior lose weight, encourage them to keep track of their progress. It’s easy to lose motivation when they don’t see any results.

Listening to your senior’s complaints about gaining weight is important. It’s something that they’ve been thinking about for a long time.


4. Personal Care at Home

As your senior ages, they will become less self-sufficient. Encourage them to maintain their personal hygiene.

If they are not capable of doing it themselves, you can hire a home care provider for them.

Senior Health: Conclusion

Losing weight is challenging, especially in seniors. But if you help your seniors understand the reasons behind their weight gain, they will be more likely to lose weight. Personal care at home can help your senior with this weight loss journey. Give us a call today and book a consultation to ensure better senior health.


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