Senior Health: Should You Be Worried That Your Mom’s Losing Weight?

Senior Health: In the past month or two, you’ve noticed your mom is slimming down.

Her clothes fit loosely, and you’re starting to worry. Is weight loss okay as she ages, or should you be concerned? Senior health is something you should keep an eye on.


Elder Care in Northfield IL: Losing Weight

Elder Care in Northfield IL: Losing Weight


Ask Her

Ask your mom if she is trying to lose weight. She may be dieting, which explains the weight loss. If that’s her current goal, working with a dietitian may help ease your mind that she’s not getting the proper nutrients.

Your mom may not be eating the right foods. If she’s eating a lot of vegetables and salads but little else, she may not get enough calories. It can also lead to malnutrition as she’s skipping proteins and grains.


Watch Her Eating Habits

As you age, your appetite decreases. Your mom’s weight loss may simply be attributed to her not being as hungry. Losing some weight isn’t a bad thing, especially if she was overweight to start with. Watch her eating habits.

Does she eat a few bites and become full? If so, she could maintain her weight by eating more often. Instead of a large meal, she should have small plates every two or three hours. This also helps keep her blood sugar levels stable all day.


Work With Her on a Meal Plan

Sit down with your mom and create a meal plan together. Figure out your mom’s favorite meals and snacks and arrange them so that she’s eating enough of the right foods each day.

She wants to aim for six ounces of protein, three cups of vegetables, three cups of low-fat milk or yogurt (or 4.5 ounces of cheese), two cups of fruit, and a half cup of whole grains every day. Snacks shouldn’t be sugary treats.


 What Does Her Doctor Say?

Ask your mom’s doctor for input. There are health conditions that can cause weight loss. If there seems to be no explanation for her weight loss, she needs to be examined for diseases like diabetes or thyroid issues.

Once you have a better understanding of why she’s losing weight, you’ll know the next steps to take. If she’s not eating enough, the help of a home care aide may be all you need to help your mom stay healthy. Caregivers can cook meals for her and take her grocery shopping.

With home care aides helping with meal preparation, your mom has a constant stream of meals and snacks each day to ensure she eats regularly and her senior health stays a priority. Call to make arrangements.


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