Exercise: Get Outside with Your Parent for Great Outdoors Month this June

Exercise: Naturally, summer is the perfect time to have a “Great Outdoors Month,” and each year it falls in June.

Over most the country, June is one of the most temperate months, providing plenty of opportunities to get outside and enjoy the great outdoors.


Elder Care in Lake Bluff IL: Get Outside

Elder Care in Lake Bluff IL: Get Outside


Even if your parent is a homebody and enjoys the comforts of being in his home, introducing him to new ways to exercise and enjoy the great outdoors this month can enrich his life and provide you both with the chance to learn some new things and spend time together. Here are just a few ways to get outside and enjoy the great outdoors with your parent this month.

  1. Head to a local state park. State parks are great because not only do they provide lots of hiking trails, they often have interpretive centers that teach classes and have hands-on seminars. Your parent may enjoy learning how to look for the different birds that live in the area or find what kind of plants in his own backyard are edible. If you’re unable to attend one of these classes with your parent, his home care provider can bring him along for this usually free and informative type of class or lesson.
  2. Go explore a nearby park. If state parks are few and far between in your parent’s area, he can also simply go to any outdoor park. In order to really enjoy the “great outdoors,” help your parent find a park that is more natural and not overly structured. This way your parent and you (or your parent and his home care provider) can stroll around the park and appreciate the beauty that is right there in the middle of a city. You can hunt for wildflowers together or if the park has a lake, maybe even cast a line into the lake and try to catch some fish from shore. Getting exercise like this is very refreshing.
  3. Join a group of like-minded outdoorsy people. Senior centers often have groups advertise who have similar hobbies or activities that they like to enjoy together. Check out your local senior center to see if there is a way your parent can find a new group of friends to gather with and enjoy the great outdoors. They may go canoeing, ride bikes or even enjoy concerts in the great outdoors together. And the only thing better than the great outdoors is sharing it with someone else who appreciates it.
  4. Walkout into the backyard. If your parent is truly a homebody, he can still celebrate Great Outdoors Month in his backyard. Help him set up bird feeders to attract local birds or perhaps he can create a natural garden environment with plenty of foliage where he can simply relax and enjoy the fresh air and sunshine on a pleasant day.

Getting outside elevates moods and provides an extra level of activity, both of which will promote exercise, and better physical and mental health for your parent. We were meant to be out in this world around us. Get the sunscreen and bug spray, and join your parent as he gets out and celebrates Great Outdoors Month this June.


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