Home Care Services: Ensuring Quality of Care Takes Precedence as Your Parents Age at Home

Home Care Services: Your parents are getting older, but they don’t want to move.

They need help with activities of daily living, but you’re worried about finding them quality care services. How do you guarantee you’re arranging the best home care services for their needs?


Home Care Services in Wilmette IL: The Flu and Diabetes

Home Care Services in Wilmette IL: The Flu and Diabetes



Talk to Their Doctors

Find out what health concerns challenge your parents. Some of the common chronic health conditions in the elderly are diabetes, dementia, arthritis, heart disease, and high blood pressure. They may have their condition managed, but they may be struggling to control it.

Their doctors may recommend that your mom and dad have caregivers available. They’ll want help with ADLs and IADLs involving personal care, meals, transportation, companionship, and prescription reminders for now.

Once they’ve found a care plan that manages their conditions, the need for care may diminish. It’s best to have caregivers with them as often as possible to start.


Build a Schedule

As you learn more about your mom’s and dad’s needs, talk to others in the family. Some of them may want to help out. Build a schedule that lists the daily chores and who is available to help. Pay close attention to gaps in care.

If you don’t live nearby, this gets harder to manage. Your parents are hours away and refuse to move closer. You can’t leave your community due to your children’s school or your job. Leaving your parents alone isn’t an option. That’s when you need to look at hiring professional caregivers instead.


Home Care Services: Create Care Plans That Meet Their Needs

Check out your parents’ current care plans and make sure you arrange caregiver services that meet those needs. If toileting is on the list, daytime caregivers may not be enough. If your dad wakes in the middle of the night and uses the toilet, is anyone there to help him?

A recent hospitalization found that your mom needs to eat every four hours or her blood sugar levels plummet. It may be best to have 24-hour home care aides there to have a snack ready before she goes back to sleep. While she’s sleeping, her caregiver can clean up and start prepping the next meal or snack.

Learn more about these and the many benefits of home care services by calling an agency. With caregivers available all day and all night, your parents are never alone. They’ll have caregivers checking on them as they sleep, waking them to take essential medications, and assisting them with middle-of-the-night bathroom trips.


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