Home Care Services: Harmful Habits Seniors Do That Can Be Deadly

Home Care Services:  The heart, arguably, is the center of life.

It is the central body organ upon which all other organs and tissues rely for nutrition and survival. Why? Because it is the engine that keeps the blood pumping and distributing oxygen and other vital nutrients throughout the body. However, some unhealthy habits that a senior may not be able to break that lead to heart problems or worse. Although home care services can be there to help a senior live independently, they may not be able to help break these bad habits. Although a habit can be tough to break, it is not impossible. Home care assistance and help a senior become more aware of their triggers and learn to focus on changing their habits.


Home Care Services in Lake Forest IL: Harmful Habits

Home Care Services in Lake Forest IL: Harmful Habits


Breaking bad habits takes time, so the families need to support seniors’ decision to change these habits. If the family does not yet have home care assistance, it may be time to hire someone to help. They are some of the best professionals to help your beloved seniors live independently and break habits. Here are some bad habits that lead to heart problems.

Seniors Who Smoke

To a large extent, smoking is detrimental to not only the heart but to every body organ. Cigarettes contain nicotine, which increases heart rate, elevates blood pressure, and damages the inner lining (endothelium) of blood vessels supplying the heart, impairing blood flow to the organ.

Seniors Who Drink In Excess

Moderate alcohol consumption (particularly red wine containing flavonoids) has been shown to be cardioprotective. In excess, however, alcohol has the opposite effect, increasing blood pressure, blood fats, and weight. As a result, it is a significant risk factor for developing cardiovascular problems such as heart failure, heart attack, or stroke.

Sitting For Long Periods

Individuals who sit for extended periods of time without getting up are said to have a doubled risk of developing heart disease, as a sedentary lifestyle can promote obesity, hypertension, and unhealthy cholesterol levels. According to a 2014 study conducted at Indiana University, taking a five-minute walk every hour is recommended if your job requires you to sit all day. This simple routine will help maintain the flexibility of your blood vessels and promote smooth blood flow.

Eating Too Much Salt

It’s no secret that sodium in table salt raises blood pressure and increases the risk of cardiovascular problems. But what about processed meals like sardines, canned veggies, chips, and salty snacks? The AHA advises a daily sodium intake of 1500mg. So always check the nutritional labels and avoid goods with a high salt content.

Home Care Services: Avoiding Fruits and Vegetables

Fruits and vegetables should never be avoided but they can be hard to eat if it has never been one of their habits. Eating five servings of fruits and vegetables a day can help increase heart health and lower the risk of heart disease than those who do not. If a senior is avoiding healthy vegetables it is time to start encouraging them to make better diet choices. Home care services should be considered to help with encouraging your senior.


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