Physical, Occupational and Speech Rehabilitation Therapy

Physical therapy can be an important part of the rehabilitative therapy program for individuals recovering from accidents or injuries, or post-surgical procedures. Physical therapy involves the use of manipulation, exercise, massage, and other physical activities to condition muscles and restores strength and movement.

During rehab therapy, if a patient is too weak to exercise on their own, a physical therapist will gently move the patient’s arms or legs to build strength. Individuals with more strength who are receiving physical therapy may work with the physical therapist to lift weights and build muscle.

Physical therapy is the type of rehabilitative therapy used to restore hip and knee movement and to build strength following total replacement surgery.

  • Balance and gait training, muscle re-education, and therapeutic exercises.
  • Prosthetic training for patients with amputations.
  • Home safety and modification.
  • Instruction for proper use of assistive devices

Occupational Therapy

Occupation therapy is another type of therapy commonly used in rehabilitative therapy programs. This rehab therapy helps patients with a permanent or temporary impairment in either physical or mental functioning learn to perform daily tasks. For example, occupational therapy can include teaching individuals to perform regular bathing, dressing, or grooming activities.

Occupational therapy, as a type of rehabilitative therapy following illnesses, accidents, or injuries, assists in the development of skills needed for individuals to live independent, satisfying, and productive lives.

  • Re-training for self-care skills including feeding, dressing, bathing, grooming, personal hygiene, and toileting.
  • Assessing safety conditions, awareness and the needs for adaptive equipment within the home.
  • Improving fine motor coordination, re-training for advanced homemaking skills, and preparing the patient to resume job activities.
  • Educating the patient about joint protection and energy conservation
  • Home speech and language exercise program
  • Patient education
  • Communication options/alternatives
  • Eating and swallowing strategies

Speech Therapy

Speech therapy is the treatment of speech defects and disorders through the use of exercises and audio-visual aids. The goal of speech therapy is to develop new speech habits. Speech rehabilitative therapy is typically used to help stroke patients relearn to communicate following facial paralyzation. Speech rehabilitation therapy can also help individuals who have experienced damage to their language skills following an accident. For example, brain injury patients and those who have experienced memory loss may have difficulty with the reasoning skills needed for forming coherent language. Speech therapy addresses these problems in an attempt to restore normal speech capabilities.

  • Speech and Language
  • Dysphagia (swallowing)
  • Cognition
  • Adaptive speech devices
  • Aural (hearing) rehabilitation
  • Non-oral communication

Licensed Physical and Occupational Therapists dedicated to meeting the needs of our patients lead our Rehabilitation Services

Home Health Care Services may be covered by Medicare, Medicaid, Private Insurances, Workers Compensation, Veterans Benefits, Long Term Care, and Self-Pay.

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My grandmother has been with LifeCare Home Health Services for over 7 years now and has received services ranging from nursing, to physical therapy, and health aid. Staff are incredibly professional, while providing the best kind of home health care. My grandmother has been able to live a happy life at home due to this terrific company. I highly recommend LifeCare Home Health & In-Home Services.



We have referred patients for devices and the reviews have been amazing. Professional cautious service. Always timely and gentle. Patients are very comfortable with the staff and feel safe and anxious to see the CNA.



LifeCare's nursing staff was caring, compassionate and professional! Our caregiver was wonderful. Her kind heartedness and gentle spirit blended with her strong work ethic made for a perfect fit. Well done Lifecare.

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My parents have in home nurse and physical therapy services.
LifeCare staff are caring , professional and responsible.

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At LifeCare we hire only passionate people. We screen and properly train them. Our caregivers are individually matched to the client. Our skilled professionals are continuously being updated on latest developments in medical care.

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